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alone in the desert (demo)

from by The Even the Slept Collective



The Devil will run

Ah he will run

Far from town and burn your bridges down

In afterglow his thieves will ride

Machines made of flames, death on their manes

No one will survive

Black sands you curse the night, bleach the day

Burn our lands and make our heroes slaves

With scorching eyes you make our skin peel

There’s never been a figure like you

In the shadow of our fields

Three nights in the drones have found their way

Made Eden beneath our heroes graves

Oil seeps from the machines veins

We’ve never been this far in, and we never will again

Holy, you pillage and plunder and fry

Holy creature, you turn our seas into black wine

Oh Lord, you

You’re a force fearless and new

Wretched machine

Plague before you swallow

And tear our mountains down

There’s fire deep within the Earth

And it is rising

Severe the engine runs dry

You drill and you will find

The nothing we’ve been hiding

Stand Down

Elemental Extinguishes

Shapes anemic and chrome light the sky

They will double-back, bring these mountains down to crumbled ground and firesides

There’s no faith here… or so you think

Your machine is made by the hands that made this impossible

With every ounce of certainty, you have bled it dry

Trying to bleed us dry, and when it slows, and it will slow,

We will finish it, bury it

This is just the way it should be.


from demos, track released March 19, 2009


all rights reserved



The Even the Slept Collective

The Even the Slept Collective is:

Ryan McMurray
Josh Cleaton
Kurt Whiting
Jamie King
Thomas Williams
Wolf Bayley
Nicole Roberts
Brad Davis

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