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carbon copy

from by Even The Slept



Bolt and screw fuse with bone
This makeshift process that formulates these clones
On squeaky knees and morphine minds
Walking single file in a militant fashion
Test ready for replication

Tear down your habits of thought
And swerve toward accord
A new day has rendered itself
To save you from yourself

Burn conformity and rile your known name
Downplay hypocrisy and defuse your campaign
I don’t know what you’ve been told
But it’s not my place anyway to crack your mold

Slide lengthways through oblivion
Mirror, mirror on the wall
The wall that was and will not be a rock for you to build
Your mouth is alkaline
Your words blades honed in fire

Every inch of you is counterfeit you perfect, porcelain pest
This is clarity
We can’t deny
Face me
There is sure to be a mess of things left when you confess this is parity
We fall in line
Assembling the end

Where else would I be but lost when I rue the day
Trying to be something I’m not
Where else would be but lost when I can’t believe
In anything outside of myself.


from Sinks the Ocean, released July 5, 2011


all rights reserved



Even The Slept

Even The Slept - once a traditional band started by Ryan L. McMurray and Chris Young (formerly of This Day An Age) in 2009, became a musical collective with a range of interchangeable musicians per song in 2015.

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