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No she don’t like it
The Queen has come to claim her crown

Gesturing down a corridor of snails
The bigot leads me along, leads me astray
Bring him forth, let him speak, let him plead his case for me
There’s something lost beneath the evidence
Let him testify
Let him sing
Here I am
And able man is all I am and I’ll serve you right
But no, she don’t like it
The Queen

You’re free to leave
Consider your debts stripped clean
But the city outside, they sharpened their knives
Through incandescent, interchanging light
They saw him alone

Hope for our souls
When they mob and they stab and they crush him
Everything inside of him explodes
Witness, and we feel it
Hope for our souls
When we look and we feel nothing
Witness, and we feel everything.


from Sinks the Ocean, released July 5, 2011


all rights reserved



Even The Slept

Even The Slept - once a traditional band started by Ryan L. McMurray and Chris Young (formerly of This Day An Age) in 2009, became a musical collective with a range of interchangeable musicians per song in 2015.

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