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the oculus

from by Even The Slept



She said I’ve
Got my back against the wall
A spear beneath my rib
A messiah at my door
Is it a sin for me to live
The way I choose to live
I’m a pig with wings
A gloating, listless fraud, I am

Drive me, catapult me to the moon
I’ve heard the secret cretans speak
And they make perfect sense to me
You’re silly she says
A lewd hypocrite
Here’s a nickel for those times we shared
The ghosts beneath our bed and I’m the one
You’ll cherish, take for granted

Cathartic we rest, amused and annoyed
Winded by this disconnect we dance around until we’re sick
Mean to me, what I mean to you
A heathen made of gold begets a lover drunk on bold regrets
I’m open, if you’re open
To trusting who we are
I’m open, if you’re open
To trusting who we’ll be

A century of history steals the air we breathe
A century of history grinds to a halt

Inquisitive, she moves for the kill
With wild eyes, aspiring, the matriarch zeroes in on me
She was methodical, exotic and sensual
She was meticulous, a natural at all things unnatural
I screamed I’m unavailable
But she knew my every move
Wretch, you’re a momentary thrill
But she knew my every move

A century of history grinds to a halt.


from Sinks the Ocean, track released June 3, 2011


all rights reserved



Even The Slept

Even The Slept - once a traditional band started by Ryan L. McMurray and Chris Young (formerly of This Day An Age) in 2009, became a musical collective with a range of interchangeable musicians per song in 2015.

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